måndag 4 juli 2011

Trädgårdsängel i randiga hängselbyxor

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paula sa...

I love your blog it is all so beautiful ,can you pleace tell me what hear you use for the dolls?
have a nice week


Beautiful gardener!
Have a nice summer ☼

paula sa...

hello her I am again ;-)
Can you please give me the exact collor and name from the treat you jused ?I like the brown collor the most ,If I now the exact name and collor I can order it online they do not have it here in the Netherlands .If you order it online can you give me the adress also please
thank you so much
greetings Paula

paula sa...

thank you so much I ordered drops pudel brown.
I ordered here in The Netherlands online .
Now hoping that it workings so beautiful as your beautiful dolls .
thank you again ,if you do not have the kangaroo patron I can sent it to you if you want it
thanks again .

mycitycottage sa...


My name is Aygun and I am writing from Turkey/ Ankara. I fall in love with you baybies. They are wonderfull. I also really like your style. I want to know somethings about Tilda`s. First how can you doing the hair? What are you using for hair? I have a two month girl baby and I want a Tilda for her. So are you selling them? My mail adress is ayguncuhadar@gmail.com. And also my blog adress is www.mycitycottage.blogspot.com.

anke sa...

Over and over again:

your Trädgardangel are fascinating!

Liebe Grüße von

Ullan tilkut sa...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love your works!!! You are fantastic quilter! I am very happy that I faund your Blog! I have to come again!
I have done also some Tilda-works.
Have a nice day!

Anilegra sa...

preciosas muñecas

cose di lino sa...

Bellissima bambola!
nunzia & cinzia

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